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Michael Madsen talks to Boing Boing

0 Comments 13 April 2013

Michael Madsen came to my house to talk about his line of hot sauces. My favorite is his hot mustard. I put it on a frankfurter and devoured my “Reservoir Dog.

Product Challenges

American Bad Ass Mustard — Why It Kicks Serious Ass

1 Comment 05 August 2010

Just for sh*ts and giggles, this month we decided to run a cool test.

We know how uptight some of those darling little cooking magazines can be, so we decided to show them all up! Here’s the run-down…

We wanted to pair our American Bad Ass Hot Mustard against some of the other crap you find at the supermarket to do our own little Pepsi-Challenge style showdown and find out who really kicks ass when it comes to mustard that tastes good AND knocks your socks off.

Here’s what happened… Continue Reading

Michael Madsen Recipes

BBQ Chicken & Beer

1 Comment 04 August 2010

One of our favorite things is combining meat & beer. And why the hell not? Check out this summer-time recipe…


* 1 whole chicken, clean and pat dry
* Salt and pepper
* 1 bottle Bad Ass BBQ Sauce
* 1 can of your favorite beer

It’s time to cook up some BBQ using the world’s greatest Michael Madsen BBQ Sauce.


* Preheat your grill.
* Slather your whole chicken with the Bad Ass BBQ Sauce
* Prop the chicken up on the can of beer
* Close the lid on the grill and cook

Cooking times are going to vary, so don’t be a retard and burn yourself (or the chicken).

Michael Madsen Recipes

Bad Ass Turkey Sandwich

0 Comments 03 August 2010

Eat like a friggin’ king when you devour this tasty sandwich — featuring our very own Bad Ass Spicy Mustard.


* 2 slabs of sourdough bread
* 1/2 pound of sliced deli turkey
* 2-3 slices of your favorite cheese
* About 1/2 bottle of Michael Madsen’s Spicy Mustard

Throw all that together and chew.


Michael Madsen Website Launch

0 Comments 02 August 2010

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the website to the public! As of today, we’re open and ready to take your orders. It’s been a long time coming, but the new website looks Bad Ass and we know you’re going to love it.

You can now browse our many products for sale. To get started, visit the Products Store page to see what you can buy now.

Of course, we know you’ll start by popping for a few bottles of Michael Madsen’s very own custom-made American Bad Ass Hot Sauce.

Be sure to check out the BBQ Sauce and the Hot Mustard to round out your order.

We also have custom made Gent Shirts available for purchase. Finally, pick up your very own Hell Ride Movie Poster to hang in your kitchen where you can feature all of these very Bad Ass Products.