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BBQ Chicken & Beer

1 Comment 04 August 2010

One of our favorite things is combining meat & beer. And why the hell not? Check out this summer-time recipe…


* 1 whole chicken, clean and pat dry
* Salt and pepper
* 1 bottle Bad Ass BBQ Sauce
* 1 can of your favorite beer

It’s time to cook up some BBQ using the world’s greatest Michael Madsen BBQ Sauce.


* Preheat your grill.
* Slather your whole chicken with the Bad Ass BBQ Sauce
* Prop the chicken up on the can of beer
* Close the lid on the grill and cook

Cooking times are going to vary, so don’t be a retard and burn yourself (or the chicken).

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1 comment

  1. Chuck Lines says:

    Can’t wait to try. I’ll be looking for it in L.A. We’re coming your way friday!!!!! Cousin Chuck from PA!!!!!!!!

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