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American Bad Ass Mustard — Why It Kicks Serious Ass

1 Comment 05 August 2010

Just for sh*ts and giggles, this month we decided to run a cool test.

We know how uptight some of those darling little cooking magazines can be, so we decided to show them all up! Here’s the run-down…

We wanted to pair our American Bad Ass Hot Mustard against some of the other crap you find at the supermarket to do our own little Pepsi-Challenge style showdown and find out who really kicks ass when it comes to mustard that tastes good AND knocks your socks off.

Here’s what happened…

French’s — the classic supermarket mustard, you can pretty much lump in every other generic brand with these guys too. Our tasting results? Bland, limp, and pathetic. Definitely not kick ass.

Grey Poupon — the “high culture” mustard of the world, we all know this brand from the famous Rolls Royce commercials. Too bad it still sucks. It’s all bark and no bite.

Jack Daniel’s — now we’re getting somewhere. Still, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves “Where’s the whiskey?” with every tasting of this lousy mustard.

Michael Madsen Mustard — the clear winner and champion, this is the only mustard to give kick, bite, and complete Bad Ass taste. Mmmmmmm!

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1 comment

  1. Frank Furter says:

    Please create a recipe using your hot sauce and a pig’s ear! Come on it’s too easy! Maybe do a cross endorsement with Ice-T brand Ice Tea the Cop Killer Flavor. Rock on Madsen MOFO, I’m going to order!

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